Research Internships in AI and Brain Research

2023.11.14 | MITT

CaCTüS, offers paid research internships at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the AI Center in Tübingen & Stuttgart (Germany) to students who face significant constraints in their pursuit of a career in AI or brain research.

About the CaCTüS Internship program



The sciences of biological and artificial intelligence are rapidly growing research fields that need enthusiastic minds with a keen interest in solving challenging questions. The Max Planck Institutes for Biological Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems as well as the AI Center in Tübingen & Stuttgart (Germany) offer up to 10 students at the Bachelor or Master level paid three-months internships during the summer of 2024. Successful applicants will work with top-level scientists on research projects spanning machine learning, electrical engineering, theoretical neuroscience, behavioral experiments, robotics and data analysis. The CaCTüS Internship is aimed at young scientists who are held back by personal, financial, regional or societal constraints to help them develop their research careers and gain access to first-class education. The program is designed to foster inclusion, diversity, equity and access to excellent scientific facilities. We specifically encourage applications from students living in low- and middle-income countries which are currently underrepresented in the Max Planck Society research community.


Application deadline: 4 December 2023


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CaCTüS Internship Coordination Office

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