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2022.03.08 | MITT


Registration is now open for the Second Symposium on Superresolution

and Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy and István Ábrahám Memorial Workshop

April 1-2, 2022, Pécs Hungary

The Centre for Neuroscience, the Institute of Physiology of the Medical School, and the István

Ábrahám Nano-Bio-Imaging Core Facility at the University of Pécs and Cellular Bioimaging Hungary

cordially invite you to participate in the Second Symposium on Super-resolution and Advanced

Fluorescence Microscopy and István Ábrahám Memorial Workshop.

The Symposium will take place on April 1-2, 2022 at the University of Pécs, Hungary. It will be a forum

for national and international scientists, who use and develop super-resolution microscopy and other

advanced fluorescent microscopy methods to present their latest technical innovations and scientific

results especially in the field of life sciences. The Symposium will also be an opportunity for

researchers working in various specialized microscopy facilities to build collaborations and to learn

about good practices in managing those facilities.

Several international speakers and member laboratories of the Hungarian EuroBioImaging node have

confirmed their participation.

The program will include the István Ábrahám Memorial Workshop, where colleagues from all over

the world come together to give scientific talks and to remember István Ábrahám, former Head of the

Institute of Physiology, founder of the Nano-Bio-Imaging Core Facility in Pécs and President of the

Hungarian Neuroscience Society, who passed away last year.

We are encouraging undergraduate and PhD students to register for the Young Investigators session,

which will take place on Friday afternoon.

Our host city Pécs is a picturesque and lively university city on the southern slopes of the Mecsek

mountains in southern Hungary offering rich cultural heritage, great gastronomy, and a surrounding

region well worth discovering.

You can register to the meeting and submit your abstract at the Symposium website at

superresolution.hu. For your convenience, you can register first and submit your abstract later. The

deadline for registration and abstract submission is March 1, 2022.

Please check the Symposium website at superresolution.hu for regularly updated information.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Pécs!

Péter Buzás, PhD

Institute of Physiology, Medical School,

University of Pécs

András Lukács, PhD

Institute of Biophysics, Medical School,

University of Pécs

István Hernádi, PhD

on behalf of the Centre for Neuroscience,

University of Pécs

György Vámosi, PhD

on behalf of Cellular Imaging Hungary


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Super-resolution and Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy and István Ábrahám Memorial Workshop

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