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FENS communication materials, highlighting FENS' mission, its activities and the benefits of being a FENS member.

Overview of FENS

What is FENS? What is our mission and what do we do? 

Video: An overview of FENS 

Digital flyer: FENS - The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (general overview)

Digital flyer: FENS meetings

Digital flyer: EJN & other publications

FENS members

Who are the FENS member societies? What are the benefits of being a FENS member? How do you become a FENS member? 

Video: Benefits of the FENS membership

Digital flyer: Societies & Membership

Higher Education and Training at FENS 

Training opportunities, meetings, mentorship opportunities, grants & stipends, awards and job market... There are many ways FENS can support your career. 

Video: FENS supports your career

Digital flyer: Higher Education and Training at FENS

Outreach and advocacy

FENS is the voice of European neuroscience and aims to raise awareness on the benefits of brain research.

Video: FENS raises awareness on the benefits of brain research 

Digital flyer: FENS Outreach and Advocacy activities

Using Twitter guide

Is your society or your members on Twitter or planning to open a Twitter account? 

The Communication Committee has developed a guide with some tips to get you started (launched during the FENS 2020 Virtual Forum).

Download the guide  


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